Free Competitor Analysis For Nutraceutical Manufacturers. See What Your Competitors Are Doing & Where You Stand.
social mentions


Is the web talking about them? We find any relevant conversations and we report you back.



What is their reach? How many followers do they have? Are they getting any business from social media?

paid ads

Paid Ads

Are your competitors advertise on the web? How much they are spending? What keywords?

Ever wondered how your competitors are doing? How well are they doing on social media? Are their clients loyal? Do they advertise online? How much are they spending on ads? What are their keywords? Do they have an optimised and conversion focused website?

All these questions will be answered with a free competitor analysis from Centis Digital. Using a suite of tools we own, we can answer about your most pressing issues regarding your competitors.

Here Is What You Get With Our Free Competitor Analysis

Explore The Features Of The Free Competitor Analysis Below:

Website Analysis

Are they having a conversion optimised website? How's the information presented? Do they have website problems?

How Do You Stack Against Your Competitors?

We compare statistics, traffic, and we present you a comprehensive report.


What keywords do they rank for? How often your prospects are using them? Are they using them in their website?

Social Presence

How far do they reach via social? Who mentions them? How often?

Advertising Analysis

What are your competitors’ advertising campaigns? Analyse and get the highest possible ROI from your paid advertising activities

Market Intelligence

Research and evaluate the distance that separates you from industry leaders, analysing their performance and success to beat them in search.

Your Own Website Audit

In-depth analysis of your web pages by addressing multiple ranking factors. Data you get will show you how efficient separate elements of your website are, identify optimization errors, and fix them.

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To get your free competitor report, enter your website, some target keywords, three of your biggest competitors and hit submit. We’ll evaluate your website and show you how you stack up against the competition. We’ll provide you with tangible insights as to why certain competitors outrank you and offer some pointers to measurably improve your online marketing performance.